1. Must have taken and passed the University entrance examination.
2. Must meet all the prescribed admission requirements.
3. Students who have taken in any vocational course or those not leading to a degree are admitted as transferees.
4. Transferees from State Universities and Colleges (SUC) shall be admitted and treated as regular students in accordance with the existing policies of the school.
5. Admission of the transferee is subject to availability of slot.
6. Must present the following documents:

A. Certification of subjects taken and grades obtained (original).
B. Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credentials (original).
C. Good Moral Certificate (original)
D. Medical Certificate (original)
E. Authenticated NSO Birth Certificate (xerox copy)


Students seeking transfer to the CSU are classified as new students. They should submit an official Transcript of Records, and/or official certification of subjects taken and a certificate of honorable dismissal from the school last attended.

Accreditation of Subjects Previously Taken by Transfer Students.

Subjects taken in other schools by the students seeking transfer to the Catanduanes State University  shall be accredited on the bases of:

1. Description – the descriptive title and or brief description of the subjects must be the same or closely related with that of the subject offering the CSU to which accreditation may be applied; and
2. Credits earned – the number of units of the subject should not be less than the number of units, which may be substituted.

A transfer student with credits for college courses should meet the CSU requirements for transfer students. He may be given advanced credit/s upon validation of his course(s).

For purposes of evaluation a certified true copy of the official transcript of records may be submitted by the foreign student applicant for admission provided, it is properly authenticated by the duly designated authority in the country of the applicant. Final admission will be subject to verification of documents submitted against original copies of credentials. Where necessary certified English Translations should be submitted.

A graduate student seeking transfer to the CSU must have obtained a general weighted average of 1.75 or better for all subjects taken from other academic institutions.

Cross-enrollment must be done one week after the regular class Cross-enrollment is allowed only to graduating students provided these subjects are not offered in the institution, must have the same course description and number of units, and must not be a major subject.

No student is allowed to cross-register in two or more schools outside the University. Cross-enrollment of subjects outside the school must have the approval of the Dean and authorized by the Registrar for the subject/s to be given credit by the University/College.

Students coming from other institutions may be allowed to cross-register within the enrollment period only and with a permit to cross-enroll from the Registrar and subject to availability of slot. The university shall give no credit for any subjects taken by a student in any other university, college, or school if enrolment in such subject was not expressly authorized in writing by the College Dean/Academic Official concerned.

No graduating student is allowed to cross-register his last subjects in other tertiary institutions if he does not have any subjects enrolled at the Catanduanes State University.

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