Abaca Technology Innovation Center (ATIC) in Catanduanes

ATIC DIRECTOR, Prof. Abelisa D. Evangelista (Center) with her two research assistants: Ms. Annabel Joy A. Vargas (left) and Ms. Angelic T. Tayamora (right).

The establishment of Abaca Technology Innovation Center (ATIC) in Catanduanes was made possible with the collaborative efforts of the Catanduanes State University headed by Dr. Minerva I. Morales and the Department of Science and Technology Region V as supervised by Director Tomas B. Briñas. 

The Center will serve as a dedicated venue for Research and Development of the province along abaca product development and value adding. This will include improvement of fiber for clothing, fiber board or composite materials, food casing, fertilizers, growth enhancers, food-grade containers/ materials, potential pharmaceutical applications, and other innovative products.

The ATIC developed three (3) technology innovation hubs (Techno Hubs) that will serve also as avenues of business incubation hubs where researchers, students, industry players and other stakeholders can engage to acquire technologies and information that will provide investment opportunities, education and R&D innovations consequently transforming knowledge to more and better products and services.

Techno Hub 1 concerns on the Development of Non-traditional Applications of Abaca (DNAA) where products will be made from the abaca stripping refuse parts.

Techno Hub 2 focuses on the Abaca Post-Harvest Facilities Improvement (APoHFI) where development and improvement of new and existing equipment/ facilities for better and safer abaca product processing.

Techno Hub 3 is dubbed as the Abaca Information System (AIS) which highlights the establishment of a web-based abaca information system in the province to provide access to all information and documentation of the province’s abaca culture.

At present, the Abaca Technology Innovation Center is headed by Prof. Abelisa D. Evangelista as the center’s director under the general supervision of Dr. Morales and direct supervision of Dr. Lily P. Custodio, Vice President for Research, Extension and Production Affairs.

The Abaca Technology Center is located within the vicinity of Catanduanes State University Main Campus, Virac, Catanduanes. Its office is situated in front of the College of Agriculture and Fisheries (CAF) façade and established last November, 2018.

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