Production Services

The university engages in income augmentation projects which help finance its various operational activities. This is also a showcase of how knowledge –based Agri-enterprise models are translated into actual, revolving production schemes.

The Corporate Business Operations (CBO) of the Catanduanes State University was brought upon by the conceptualization of the CS Corporation plan which was approved through Board of Trustees Resolution No. 28 , s. 2002 that called for the adoption of strategies and measures that will strengthen existing and new  income generating projects of the university. The CBO’s primary purpose is to generate revenues for Catanduanes State University and to strengthen instruction, research and extension services.

Income Generating Projects:

The Income generating projects of the CBO of CSU is divided into two broad categories: Land-use projects and Micro business Enterprises.

Land-use projects consist of enterprises that make use of the university’s real estate and they consist of the ff:

  • Poultry Project – involves the process of mainly producing various sizes of eggs to be sold to third parties through the CBO Marketing Center. In addition to layer hens, the Poultry project also grows broiler chickens to be sold once they reach a certain day-age and weight.
  • Cereals Project – involves the planting, harvesting, and selling of cereals grains such as rice and banhi
  • Fishery Project – involves the process of raising and harvesting fishes for the purpose of being sold to third parties

Micro business enterprises consist of various in-house services that transact directly with the population of the university such as the students, vendors, departments and colleges. These enterprises consist of the ff:

  • Rental Services – consists of the rental income from the various stall owners that are located inside the CSU campus.
  • Photocopying Services – consist of the income from the photocopying services provided by the CBO for the university population
  • Merchandising Services – consist of the income from various products that the CBO offers to the students such as logos, books, etc.

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