Welcome to the new website of the Catanduanes State University!

Re-inventing public sector governance, especially in the Higher Education Institution (HEI) in the context of highly networked society nowadays is a sweet challenge.  The experiences of how an Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-enabled organization only show beneficial returns in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

Today’s public governance could not do away with ICT advancements as the Philippines entered the new millennium. Governments worldwide have embarked on the information highway. In the late 1990s, we saw the advent of simple measures by government agencies putting up their websites. We have since joined the shift towards that end.

Now, the Catanduanes State University having embraced higher innovation standards and milestones as an ISO-Certified HEI is committed to provide our clients with the quality service they deserve in the information highway. This new re-make of the CSU website is our noble response to that goal.

Our theme, “Graduates for Change: Empowered for Ethical and Socio-Economic Transformation” puts forward a challenge to your dear graduates, to always be reminded of, and to put into practice enviable universal values in diverse settings to create transformation. You are now empowered with knowledge, skill, wisdom and character gained in this institution. You now have the quality of education proven to be “the most powerful weapon to change the world.” You are equipped with education that serves as the powerful tool for socioeconomic transformation. read more…

Congratulations to the graduates of Batch 2017 of the Catanduanes State University.

Your Alma Mater as the cradle of knowledge and wisdom is deeply gratified by your fruitful endeavors in your academic journey for years. Now is the time to reap all what you have struggled thus far, in your respective disciplines. Your graduation marks another milestone in your passage towards another chapter of your life. Whatever it is, keep in mind of the core values of your Alma Mater that will surely help you chart a meaningful voyage ahead in which the common reckoning point is success in life.
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